The Interprofessional Education (IPE) Passport is an online tool that enables you to register for and keep track of your interprofessional learning. The Passport provides a comprehensive list of the IPE activities available to UBC. These activities will help you meet your interprofessional collaborative competencies and further your knowledge and understanding of interprofessional, patient-centred collaborative practice. The Passport can be used to demonstrate that you have completed the IPE requirements of your program.

Through the Passport, students are able to:

  • View upcoming events and important dates.
  • Sign up for interprofessional activities.
  • Earn points for their participation in IPE activities.
  • View and download any mandatory readings or forms.
  • View and complete evaluation forms or reflections.

How it Works

  1. Login to your Passport.
  2. Review your program's IPE requirements.
  3. Check off the interprofessional learning activities you have participated in to-date.
  4. Plan your future interprofessional learning by reviewing the IPE activities listed.
  5. Sign-up for activities that require pre-registration.
  6. Inform your program when you have met your interprofessional education requirements.
  7. Print off your certificate of acknowledgement.


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Calendar of Events

Click here to view scheduled IPE events and activities.

Login Issues

Email: chd.passport.admin@ubc.ca
Please provide your:

  • First and last name
  • Program and year

How to Login?

Login to register for upcoming IPE activities. You should also login each time you have completed a new IPE activity to note your participation, in order to keep track of the total number of IPE points you have earned towards meeting your program's IPE requirements.