Calendar of Events- IPE Activities

Under the umbrella of "UBC Health", the health professional programs at the University of British Columbia have implemented an integrated approach to health professional education that supports learning that is unique to each profession; creates relevant opportunities for interprofessional learning in complex areas of healthcare; and supports programs to meet accreditation standards related to interprofessional education in a meaningful way around content areas that benefit from a collaborative approach.

Integrated Curricula

Interprofessional workshops delivered as part of students' curricula in an order that builds learning across sessions: Professionalism, Ethics, Indigenous Cultural Safety, Resiliency, eHealth, and Collaborative Decision-Making.

Required IPE Activities

Hosted by one or more health professional programs, students are required to participate as part of program requirements.

Enrichment IPE Activities

Enrichment Interprofessional Educational (IPE) Activities are extracurricular and clinical activities delivered outside of scheduled curriculum time. Enrichment IPE Activities are assigned a value indicating the depth (Exposure or Immersion level) of IPE learning based on a standardized rubric. Some programs require a certain amount of enriched IPE participation.

Clinical enriched or extracurricular IPE activities must be approved by the UBC Health Practice Education Committee. Non-clinical enriched or extracurricular IPE activities must be approved by the UBC Health Health Curriculum Committee.

Student-Led IPE Activities

Delivered outside of scheduled curriculum time. UBC health professional programs must have reviewed and approved these IPE activities and then submit the student-led activity to the UBC Health Education Program Coordinator to be listed.

Opportunities of Interest

Opportunities of Interest aim to market and promote activities on campus or in our local community which may be of benefit to UBC health professional students. Interprofessional enrichment not housed within a program or run by the UBC Health office or activities that do not meet criteria will be considered an opportunity of interest and must be vetted by UBC Health.

To be considered, these opportunities must be: experiential learning which relates directly to a student's experience at UBC; encourage and support student growth and development; promote new learning opportunities for students to complement their overall experience; and have an interprofessional component to the delivery of the community based IPE.

Self-Directed IPE

Here are a list of IPE activities you can use to develop self-directed interprofessional learning skills at your own convenience! Consider using these tools while on placement or as flexible learning options:

LIFT - Learning In & From Teams

UBC Health Student-Led Appreciative Inquiry into Healthcare Practice

Check out the calendar below for a list of IPE scheduled activities!

Scheduled Activities

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  •   IPE Required By Programs
  •   Integrated Curricula
  •   Enrichment Activity
  •   Student-Led Activity
  •   Opportunities of Interest